Turning 65

Turning 65
When that magic age of 65 comes along many people are confused about what to do,
Or what choices are available to them.
Some questions to ask are:
When and where do I sign up for Medicare? Parts A & B? It can be done online,
Over the phone or in person..
Do I need to sign up for Medicare part B, the doctor part, which has a monthly cost and that cost is based on income ?
Do I have the option of staying on my group medical plan, and should I? If so do I need to pay for Part B of Medicare
What Part D drug plan do I need if any. And the cost of this plan is also based on income..
Should I consider buying out Long Term Care Insurance?
What happens to my other company benefits at this crossroads?
The above issues need to be discussed well in advance of turning 65 with someone knowledgeable on these issues, as the proper answers might save thousands of dollars..


About insureabetterlife

Interstate Health Underwriters, Inc. specializes in individual health insurance, long term care insurance and group health insurance for businesses. We offer the most affordable and comprehensive health insurance plans in the Maryland market place for individuals and employer groups.
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